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Live and breathe the most thrilling escape game in the world. If you dare!
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Inside Pandora

Players in a team of 2-10 will solve mysteries, discover secret passages and hidden chambers. The immersive journey will test the courage, wits and teamwork of your team as you race against time to escape the room.


Follow through each legend’s compelling storyline as your team embarks on a journey to unravel all the mysteries within 120 minutes!


Sophisticated architecture and premium room designs to guarantee a super-realistic setting. You’d feel exactly like in the movies!


Well-programmed rooms, combined with the latest technology as well as enhanced visual and sound effects, we’re taking escape game to a whole new level!


All episodes are based on infamous myths and legends all over the world including Jack the Ripper, Bermuda Triangle, The Flying Dutchman and many more!

How to Play

We love it. We know you will too. Here are the steps

  • Team Assemble

    Gather a group of 2-10, and book your visit in advance. Every legends has its own unique concept and themes that will challenge your team in different ways

  • Mission Briefing

    Your team will be given a specific mission by our gamemaster, and then you will be on your way to begin your quest.

  • Finding Clues

    Rely on your observation skills and communicate with each other to find hidden clues and secret passages throughout your journey inside.

  • Solving Puzzles

    Work with your team to discover hidden chambers and use the knowledge you've gained to solve mindboggling puzzles.

  • Escape in time

    Complete your mission with the time limit and have a debriefing session with our game master to discuss and understand the mysteries and challenge you've encountered.


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